Our Story

I made my first piece of jewellery when I was 10 years old, selling friendship bands at my school fete. As I got older I developed a fascination with other cultures and wanted to be an archaeologist. I loved myths and stories of strong female characters such as Boudica, Hatshepsut, Athena and even Xena. The warrior princess was the ultimate heroine – strong and beautiful, independent and compassionate.

My label SPIRITFIRE is strongly influenced by this image of female empowerment. When women wear my accessories, I want them to feel confident and beautiful and courageous. I want them to embrace the feminine and be proud of who they are.

I also draw on my experiences of travel and the natural landscape. Working as a tour guide in the Great Barrier reef and learning to make jewellery from rainforest plants with an indigenous tribe in Ecuador left a deep impression on me. However, it wasn't until I began running eco art workshops for Reverse Garbage Queensland, an NGO that diverts materials from landfill through creative re-use, that I began to experiment with leather. These experiences fueled my conviction to leave a softer footprint on the environment and incorporate sustainability more fully into my life and my business.

All my products are lovingly made in Australia, and I incorporate both kangaroo and repurposed leather offcuts into my designs. Leathercraft itself is an ancient practice that tells us much about the art and culture of its people. My desire to be an archaeologist has come full circle, as I create new art-ifacts every day in my studio. 

Core Values


If our products can inspire and encourage people to feel good about themselves, to spread colour throughout the world and to open eyes on the potentials of creative re-use, then they have served their purpose. 

We strive to be good stewards to mother nature whose generosity bestows us with daily inspiration and kindness. SPIRITFIRE uses upcycled leather offcuts sourced from local industrial manufacturers wherever possible, thereby diverting materials from landfill. We also use predominantly kangaroo leather, which is a more sustainable choice than other leather sources. This is because kangaroos are wild, not farmed, and their selection is regulated by strict government controls. Kangaroo leather is the strongest and most durable leather in the world, which enables SPIRITFIRE to offer quality products that stand the test of time. We are committed to improving our practices and reducing our footprint on this earth. 

Designer Nadine Schmoll is passionate about the environment and loves to inspire and educate others on diverting materials from landfill through creative re-use. As an art educator, Nadine believes everyone has the potential to be creative - sometimes they just need a little encouragement to unlock their inner child. Nadine has partnered with organisations such as Reverse Garbage Queensland, Woodford Folk Festival, Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Green Heart Fair to deliver fun and engaging environmental art workshops for children, teenagers and adults. For workshop enquiries, please contact Nadine via email at nadine(at)spiritfiredesigns.com 

SPIRITFIRE is proud to make all of our products right here in the sunny capital of Brisbane, Australia. As an independent label, making things at home enables us to support local jobs, other small businesses and local suppliers. 

Our leather accessories are made by the hand of designer Nadine Schmoll. Nadine oversees the entire design process from start to finish, meaning each product is handcrafted with love and intention.