Sustainable Fashion: 5 Things You Can Do To Make the Earth A Better, Greener Place


Make Your Own 

In this era of craft and DIY, accessing the skills and knowledge needed to make your own clothes is as easy as pressing a button. On your mouse that is. There are many great courses out there where you can learn a new skill or dust out the cobwebs from that high school home economics class. Etsy is facilitating a series of online classes starting in November. Enrolments for the Sewing Party are now open!

Secondhand & Op Shop Finds

Now who wouldn't want to go op shopping? It has got to be one of THE most fun things to do. Every op shopper knows what I'm talking about when I say NOTHING compares to the thrill of rummaging through preloved fashions and finding THAT awesome piece at a bargain price. And the best part is walking down the street knowing that what you're wearing is unique and one of a kind.

Choose Ethical & Fairtrade

It's scary how little we often know about the way in which our clothing is made. For us as a consumer, the hardest part is usually choosing which piece to buy. But have you ever thought about where it came from, or whose hands made that cute little number? In the pursuit of profit, offshore manufacturers sometimes make employees work ridiculous hours in unsafe conditions. The Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh is a case in point, and served to draw much needed media attention to this issue.

Quality, Not Quantity

Investing that little bit more in your purchase will serve you well in the long run. Staple items such as jeans, leather jackets and winter coats will last longer if made from good quality materials. Back in the day, people spent less on fashion and so clothes were made to last using better quality fabrics. People were also more inclined to fix their fashions when something was worn, rather than throwing it out and buying something new.

Support Handmade

The handmade community is Australia is growing stronger and stronger. We have many talented craftspeople making their living from their craft – uni students, stay at home mums and those who have made it their full time career. Support your local handmade community by purchasing direct from the maker. Many crafters sell their wares at markets such as BrisStyle and online via Etsy. The beauty of handmade is you can find some truly unique and one-of-a-kind items, and know that no one else has anything quite like it.

What will you do to make fashion more sustainable?