Week 1: Art from the Heart Artist in Residency

Term 2 started on a colourful note as we kicked off our bottle cap mural project at Sandgate State School. The school has been collecting bottle caps for the last two months so it’s exciting to see things finally start to come to fruition. I’ll be blogging regularly about my weekly art sessions with the kids until the end of term when the mural is complete and final installation occurs. Our team of artists includes 125 students spread over 7 classes of preps, Grade 1s and 2s. Together we’ll be creating a large scale mural of bottle caps to celebrate National Families Week on 15th May.

Our first session was designed to introduce the kids to creative re-use. We spent the day creating bugs from bottle caps, glue and plastic bits and pieces. We had lady birds, bees, spiders and many new species not yet discovered. The kids absolutely loved this activity, especially when I brought out the glitter and our bugs became glitter bugs. All our materials were sourced as waste materials either collected by the school or sourced from Reverse Garbage Queensland.