Week 2: Art from the Heart Artist in Residency

Tuesday is now my favourite day of the week. Not only do I get to play with kids all day, but I get to see them have fun, be creative and experiment with materials and the world around them. For this week’s session we took inspiration from Choi Jeong Hwa’s Mandala of Flowers, an interactive installation currently on in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Triennial 8. You can read more about the APT8 exhibition here.

Prior to the project starting our aim was to collect at least 10,000 bottle caps. While we don’t have exact numbers as of yet (that’ll have to wait until we go through the boxes and boxes of caps), we do know that we have blasted our initial target out of the water and are somewhere at 11,000! Such as amazing effort for the school in 2.5 months!  

So imagine 25 kids, a plastic blue ocean and 1,000s of bottle caps spread on the floor and you can start to picture the scene. We began with a simple brainstorming session about family, which is the theme for our mural. After the kids came up with lots of ideas about people, places and things they like to do with their family, I switched gears and got them to experiment with creating family themed images using the bottle caps. We had lots of colourful bottle cap people, flowers, scenes of the beach, a few dogs, even a shark and a yellow school bus.

I’ve found that most kids are familiar with painting and drawing images but not with using 3D materials to create images so this activity was a good challenge for them to start interacting with the bottle caps and forming pictures in a new way.

Each of the temporary artworks the children created has been photographed and will be used to inform the design of our final mural. I’ll let the photos do the talking!