Week 3: Art from the Heart Artist in Residency

I think I may have been a little over ambitious with my content for this week’s art lesson with the kids. Although everything got done, the kids had fun and lots of mess was made, despite or maybe even thanks to the super windy weather coming through the art space (it’s open to the elements on all sides and it just happened to be a very windy day when I decided to do painting). 

We revised our brainstorming ideas from last week to get the kids thinking about our theme of family. Then we started our making activity. First was the background, inspired by the places we like to visit with our family. I had made stamps from bottle caps and wood which the kids used, as well as paintbrushes, to create their background. After that, we moved on to a drawing and collage activity, where the kids were able to create an image of their special family member. At the end, many of the artworks were still wet so we were able to just paste the collage straight onto its background, which saved on glue. 

One thing I learned from today is that when the wind is blowing paper everywhere and you’ve run out of room to hang your wet artworks, don’t discount the helpfulness of the humble rock to keep things grounded. 

Oh and another thing is that cleaning paint trays takes forever. I think I spent a full 45 minutes at the end just cleaning trays. I knew there’d be a mess, that’s part of the fun but I didn’t think it’d take so long to remove all the paint from the trays. A pressure sprayer would have been handy. Still, I can’t see any way around it when you’re painting, except to use different trays/ lids that are easier to clean. 


Also, our 9 timber panels for the mural have arrived! After my last class I applied the base coat onto each panel, ready for drawing in a couple of weeks. Next week we’ll be doing some more painting (gulp!) and a little on colour and composition.